Monday, July 28, 2008

Quick rundown

It's been a while. Don't hate me.

3 weekends ago: Dallas for waterparking, seeing cousins/aunts/uncles, geocaching, spending time in the pool, relaxing, hanging out with Mom/Dad/Christine/Abel, church, dominoes, helping my parents out with a few projects, seeing the pastor who married us (she was VERY excited to see us), eating at all of my favorite Texas places, etc.

2 weekends ago: Camping for marshmallow competitions, geocaching, dominoes, eating delicious meals, peeping on other campers, campfires, movies, hanging out with Momlie/Gary/Rebecca, checking the lug nuts, installing things, etc.

this weekend: Staying local for talking to my mom, lunch and shopping with Geoff, Rebecca's going away party, dominoes, Nascar, Northwestern alumni freshman send off party, etc.

It's been busy and fun! :) This weekend I *think* my mom is coming into town and we are going camping with Momlie and Mom. Hehehe. Should be an excellent time.

And I leave you with this conversation I had with "myself" this morning (it was in an IM but never responded to):

Kelly: Perhaps I should run for a local public office.
I'm 26 now.
So I can do local stuff for a term.
Then state.
Then senate.
And by the time I'm 35 I can run for president.
I forgot that I don't care about politics that much and that I don't want the media to ruin my life.
Nevermind. Scratch that entire plan.

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i was in the shower