Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good luck with that

As stated yesterday, I wrote the "e-help" line for the hospital where I get my Remicade to complain about the shortening of hours. I heard back from them today:

Hello Kelly, I am sorry I cannot help you. You would have to contact the infusion center at . Perhaps they could suggest an alternative foryou. I will forward your email to quality management. Thank you for using the eLine.

I replied:
Thanks for your reply. The Infusion center said that they had no control over it, the hours were set by hospital administion. Do you have contact information for the St. Vincent hospital administration?

The response?
Hello Kelly,
That number would be 503 XXX-XXXX. Good luck with that. You may also hear from the quality management people.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love it. "Good luck with that" - even she knows my case is absolutely hopeless. :)

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