Saturday, January 07, 2006


Last night was SUPER productive! I went to dinner with my friend Andy, then we played some DDR for just a bit so he could see what it was like. Then I whipped it into high-gear... started cleaning and I pretty much haven't stopped since, other than to get some good sleep! I've gone through pretty much my house house organiztionally, bought a few things like new mats for inside the doors and a big broom for my garage, done 2 loads of laundry, and steam cleaned the carpets. When my roommate finishes up some work he's doing on his truck in the garage, we're going to move both cars out and sweep the garage and then organize it a little better than it is right now. I'm also going through all of my mail that piled up while I was home for Christmas, and doing some financial stuff too. I had a party a few months ago and my friend John thought it would be a good idea to bring balloons filled with mylar confetti -- NOT COOL. There has been mylar confetti all over my house since November, despite numerous vacuumings, sweepings, and moppings. So I spent well over an hour on my hands and knees picking up all of the mylar confetti I could find from the whole house. Most if it is finally gone. My roommate also took apart my vacuum to get all of the mylar confetti out of it, so that it doesn't keep spewing it out every time I vacuum. So hopefully that situation is mostly over with. It looks so much better and I feel so much better! Also, my neighbor (that I share a long flag lot driveway with) has a large tree in her front yard that the TINEST little leaves fall off of... and get onto my car, in my garage, on everyone's feet, and ALL OVER my house... it's out of control. All of the leaves are finally off of the tree now, so I'm going to sweep out the garage, and when it's nice out and not wet, I'm going to sweep off the driveway. Hopefully that will take care of a lot of that problem, and then I can finally have clean floors again. Yippeee!!!


MoodSwingSet said...

It WAS messy, but that confetti sure was fun, and a hit.

Anonymous said...

Miss you KRo. I like stalking you, we need an update! -HMG