Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Quick Update

I had a request for an update, here's what I got. I've been working on this for a long time, actually I worked on it a long time ago and then stopped. So I'll just post it now and then later today or tomorrow I'll give you something better -- actually heartfelt rather than a list this time, which I know a lot of you like much better.

November 26: Went to Bugatti's with Tim, Andy, and Kristi. Then went to Applebees with Brent, Tim, Bryan, Kristie, and Roommate Brad. Then Malones with Kristi and Brad (and Shaun and Chris, sorta)
November 27: Wine tasting with Brad, Kristie, and Andy. Yuuuum! (And before that I got up early for church and to workout, what a good girl)
November 28: Took the day off… slept late, went to the Roadhouse for lunch, went to Starbucks (Bryan's first time ever… got him addicted, hehe), to see the 4th Harry Potter Movie. Bugatti's of course for dinner that night.
November 29: Had a FABULOUS run (the first of many), then met up with Danny, Geoff, and Morgan for happy hour at Old C. Bryan met up with us later too… and we decided to make a running bet. I lost… I ran something like 11.7 miles that week and he ran 13 or so. Boo!
November 30: Quarterlife
December 1: Dinner and the OC at Andy's. Also stop in to visit work at my old job… soooo fun!
December 2: Potluck at my friend Chris's house (climbing buddy). John goes with me, then he practices spinning at my house.
December 3: Shopping in the afternoon with Katie and Jessica, so fun. Dancing at Aura with Bryan, Mitch, and Carol!
December 4: Hale's in the morning, yum as always. Church in the evening.
December 5: Took the day off (again), went to Woodburn to the outlet malls to do some shopping with Bryan… also went to Wal-Mart. Then came back to Tigard and ate at CPK and stopped by The Container Store, Crate & Barrel, and REI (three of my favorite stores). Instead of Bugatti's, we met Chris and Kristi and some of their friends downtown at Henry's for some food and drinks… and discovered the beauty that IS Jubelale!
December 6: Took the day off (AGAIN)… slept late, then went for my first run with Bryan… woo hoo for that! Then we went to Portland City Grill for dinner.
December 7: Quarterlife senior banquet… served the seniors at church for their banquet, it was a grand time. Got to bond with John over lots of dish cleanup!
December 8: Got a heck of a lot of errands done, but don't really remember doing too much else exciting (for the record… I can remember a lot of these days, but for those I can't, I'm using my Outlook calendar and my credit card bill to try to piece stuff back together… wow)
December 9: Russell Street BBQ for dinner with Andy… Jubleale! Yummy!!!
December 10: Andy's birthday and birthday party -- hang out with Amanda, Morgan, Geoff, John, Katie, and Andy at Andy's house
December 11: Church
December 12: Stopped by Bugatti's cause I had to say goodbye to the staff since I wouldn't be back before Christmas… then went to Kristi's Christmas party! Met Bryan's brother Jeff's girlfriend Robyn, and played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture with Chris & Kristi, Jeff & Robyn, and me & Bryan. We *would* have won if I wasn't so worthless… I seriously made us LOSE points, not even the Trivial Pursuit king himself can come back from that one!
December 13: Had lunch with Vin at Qdoba, that's about all I remember from that one. Oh and had a WONDERFUL coffee/breakfast with John in the café!
December 14: Quarterlife
December 15: Book Club… only 4 of us there, but I love that book club!
December 16: Remicade… what a great way to spend a Friday night!
December 17: Christmas Party… tons of people showed up… I got to meet Katie's brother, Christie's brother and cousin, and some of Brad's friends. A lot of little groups of people that didn't know each other well (Brad's friends, my neighbors, church people, work people, etc.) but I think it ended up being okay.
December 18 - 29: In Iowa. There's not a lot to tell, it was pretty much shopping and spending time with family all day every day. I ate at Panera 4 times though, which is good!!! Yuuum I heart Panera.
December 30: Go to check in to my flight around 2 AM, find out that it has been cancelled (the Denver-Portland leg). :( Boo to that. So I call to get a flight, next thing I can get is 8:30 PM, getting into Portland at 10:30. So sad! Don't really sleep at all (maybe 45 minutes), go to the airport, and end up having to wait only 6 hours in Denver (instead of 12!) and get to Portland around 4:30… Tim picked me up, woo hoo to that. Bryan and I were supposed to hang out at 3, but we ended up just meeting each other for dinner around 6ish, super quick dinner. And he was able to come over for a few hours later that night, which was nice.
December 31: Drama-city!

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