Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just Today

Maybe tomorrow I'll do one of those posts where I do a quickie update on everything that happened in the last 2 months. :)

Today was another good day... work was good, my manager and I had a talk about some new things I'm going to be taking on this year which is exciting because things are getting a little slow for me lately, and I also got some problems solved that have been lurking for a couple of months. Then I ran a few errands after work and got some things taken care of. After that I played DDR for a little bit -- I had NO BEAT today at all... I just couldn't get the steps right, song after song! I don't know what was wrong with me. Then I made some dinner, watched a little TV, and cleaned up a little bit. I just got back from First Thursday, which is on the first Thursday of every month (go figure, huh?) in the Pearl District, which is a trendy area in Northwest Portland. Basically all of the art galleries down there stay open late and it's sort of a place to see and be seen -- pretty fun, especially in the summer when it's nice out and more crowded. A lot of people also stop by the nice Pearl bars and restaurants to grab a drink, too. There was a "Public Canvas" in one of the galleries tonight which anyone could paint on, so I left my mark on that... just call me Ms. Ar-teest! Now I'm going to go journal in my private journal and then bed. Tomorrow's Friday, yeah!!

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MoodSwingSet said...

Good to see an update. Maybe you need more real dancing practice.