Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hello party people!

Okay, so here are the major developments in the last few weeks:
- Christine is still here, everything is fabulous and wonderful.
- Addy moved in full time this weekend so we're all 3 here and one cute little happy family.
- We move into the new house OFFICIALLY next Wednesday, I can hardly WAIT!!!
- Home Depot is going to be my demise.
- Andy threw a FABULOUS dinner party.
- I'm going to Sears and Best Buy today to buy a fridge, washer, and dryer.
- Alex threw an awesome birthday party for Vin.
- I started playing Magic: The Gathering (this is where you get to mock me for the next, oh, about 12 years)
- CPK is coming to Oregon!

Okay that's all random stuff, not major developments, but just what I'm thinking about at the moment I suppose. I'm writing sitting amongst boxes in the living room... yay packing. Packing is SO much more fun when you "get" to do it instead of studying for finals. Not when packing is the actual chore.


HMG! said...

Hey KRo! You're all grown up with a house and everything! I can't believe it. I went to the Depot twice last weekend. What is Magic: The Gathering? I miss you!

Jenni said...

You didn't have a CPK??? How could you live???