Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yaaaay I graduated!

Woo hoo for me, I officially completed Mazamas Basic Climbing Education Program! My first climb is June 11th, it will be Mt. Ellinor in Washington. I'm also planning on doing Middle Sister in July, Broken Top *sometime*, and hopefully South Sister in September. Hopefully I end up liking this mountain climbing business. But if I HATE it after the first couple, I can always just quit... nothing says I have to do it. My big concern is my knees, they've been killing me on the descents lately. So I didn't hike this weekend, and my knees are feeling better. I need to be VERY diligent about stretching and icing them. So hopefully I'll get a hike in this weekend (maybe just a short one? not sure...)

This weekend I slept all day Sunday, then woke up and went to Old C with all of my boys, minus Andy which was sad. Then Vin, Mike, and I went back to Vin's hot tub for some fun (woo hoo!) and then I met up with Andy at my house. Great times! Monday I did errands, laundry, cleaned, studied for my final, and then went to class. Tuesday I was a pile and did nothing other than look at houses all day, I napped and read in bed and generally had fun. Tuesday night Vin came over and I made him tortilla soup for dinner and then we talked and watched Alias and had a bottle of wine. Awesome night. Today I did an errand for Vin and then napped before work. Good times all around. :-)

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Jenni said...

"I was a pile" .... must be pacific northwest slang.