Saturday, May 07, 2005

I bought a house!

So yup, that's the HUGE news!!! I have been looking, and I was planning on putting an offer down on a particular house Thursday, but Wednesday night Andy was in at work and we just glanced through the listings one more time and found 2 more places to check out. So I asked my relator if we could go by these two places after the one I wanted to put an offer on, and they were both great. The first was a townhouse that was very modern, very well taken care of, very ME. But, I didn't fall in love with it. It was nice, but not everything I'm looking for. The second was a single family home, built in 1993 that I fell in love with immediately. It's the first house that has been absolutely everything I ever wanted in a house, and some added things I didn't even know about. It's PERFECT. Not "perfect except for a 2 car garage" or "really nice and good for me", but it's just perfect. Flat out I'm in love. So I made the offer last night and they accepted today!!!! Assuming everything goes okay, I close June 29th! It's going to be the BEST summer ever, Adds and Christine will be living with me and be able to help me get it all set up, plus I'm hoping Amanda and Dominique will come over for many fun girls nights. :-) I definitely have to be so grown up now... I'm looking at fridges and washers and dryers and lawnmowers. And I have my own shed and dog run and garden and all of those outdoor things. And 4 bedrooms... for me. Hmmm... definitely going to need some roomies even after the summer, but I'm sure I can find some fabulous peeps! Hopefully when Adds graduates she'll come back and live with me again!! There are just so many possibilites for roommates and lots of goodness. Plus with 4 bedrooms there's always room for out of town guests... :-)


Jenni said...

I demand pictures!

osuaddy said...

oh for sure kells! Not to replace any past great roomies, but I am SOOOOO looking forward to living with you and I would LOOOVVEEE to come back and live with you after I graduate (assuming I get a job in Portland) =) yes!!! ~ luv, adds