Monday, May 09, 2005

Of course there will be pictures

Okay, so I think I'm actually going to wait to post pictures until July when they are MY pictures of the way my house looks with me in it, not with these other people in it. They look like they're living in 1894 with how formal it is downstairs. Which is funny because I met them and they're not really that type of people. Anyway, there will be pictures eventually. It really is the greatest house ever.

So, what else? Oh, yes that is exciting that Addy would live with me when she graduates, that'd be like the coolest thing EVER. I'm in the hospital right now getting my medicine, which is cool that I can actually be online at the same time. Actually, I'm not getting my medicine yet, I'm waiting for the pharmacist to mix it and the nurse said he's new so it's been a little slow today. Then I'm going to go home and make lunch because I am STARVING. But for now... just chillin'. Don't know what my plans are for tonight, maybe go to a BBQ place in Northeast that Andy says is really good. We shall see!!

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Jenni said...

I'm so excited to see pictures of the new place!!! You officially qualify as an adult now!