Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Well y'all, sorry I don't post as much anymore. I used to do it at work, but I'm actually enjoying my job and getting stuff done now. And I'm so busy on my weekends that I'm just not having time. Saturday I went on a hard hike that kicked my butt... and loved every minute of it, if you don't count those 5 minutes that I was thinking "I'm quitting mountaineering, I'm not cut out for this". I learned this weekend that it takes the same amount of energy to climb Hood as it does to run a marathon, and that made me feel good about myself. It's like I'm training to run a marathon... woo hoo! :-) That just makes me happy. Then Sunday was hardcore rock climbing all day... and I made new, non-work, friends!! It was super cool, one is a consultant who went to Penn State and one is a physical therapist who is from Portland. And I met a lot of other really cool people, and I was just so happy to have finally made some new friends. We're going out for Chinese some Monday before class. Yesterday I hung out with Vin's friend James, who's a pretty cool guy. And of course I looked at houses (man it's so hard to choose a house), had lunch with Andy at Thai Orchaid, and went to class! YAY. I miss my readers though... you guys are the best. Anyway... more soon I PROMISE. :-)

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Jenni said...

Glad to hear you're in such great spirits!