Friday, April 22, 2005

Do you even read the title?

I know. I suck. I never post.

But anyway, things are great! I made an offer on a house yesterday, I won't hear back for sure until Saturday. They had several offers so they're countering another, though they haven't rejected mine yet. We shall see... :-) My mountaineering is going well, though taking over my life. Just 3 more days and then I will not "have" to do all of these conditioning hikes. I still should and hopefully will do a lot, but I'll be more flexible to hang out with my friends. I have met a lot of cool people and really enjoyed this class though! I'll just be glad to take a breath of fresh air!

Addy and Christine will be here for the summer, SO excited about that. Amanda has already declared my house will be the place for girl's fun this summer. I so hope that's true. Perhaps when Addy and/or Christine move out this fall, Amanda can move in for a while until she buys her house. That'd be perfection. We shall see! :-)

Tis all for now... more tomorrow maybe.


Jenni said...

I read the titles!

chungag said...

I don't read the titles, but I do read the posts.