Friday, September 04, 2009

Part 3 of 3: My weird dream (now dreamS)

So here's the original dream (at least as much as I can remember over a month later):

Geoff and I had stolen something from Verizon for my father-in-law Gary. I don't know what it was, but we had each stolen separate things. We were sleeping one night and I woke up about 4 AM and thought "we have GOT to hide the evidence!" I wanted to burn it, but I couldn't - because I think we actually NEEDED the "evidence" for Gary. Geoff's was already hidden, but for some reason I couldn't hide mine in his place. The only place I could think of was under the mattress, but I kept thinking "that's the first place they'll look!"

I was still pondering where to hide it when there was a knock on our door. A man had arrived with two dogs, each in individual crates. I don't know what breeds they were but they were about the size of our dogs (this dream happened a couple of weeks after we got our dogs). He said that they were from the shelter and desperately needed to be adopted. So Geoff and I were looking at them and playing with them and thinking about adopting them when I realized "OH NO!!!! HE IS FROM VERIZON!!!! HE'S COME TO GET US!!!" So I said "c'mon Geoff, we gotta get outta here" - but then I just ran out. I didn't wait for him or our dogs or anything. I started running down our cul-de-sac towards where it turns off on the main road, when all of the sudden Melissa (who is a girl I knew in college, but was never close friends with and haven't spoken to in years - so random!) comes screaming around the corner in a pizza delivery car and says "GET IN!!!!!!!" and so I hop in her car. She flips a u-turn and goes flying out of the neighborhood. WHEW!!! Finally relief!!

But then a few minutes into the car ride, I realize Melissa works for Verizon too!!! So when we're at a stop light, I jump out of the car and roll towards safety. I start running away, when all of the sudden Grandma Katie (Gary's mother!) comes up in her car and tells me to get in. If you can't trust Grandma Katie, who CAN you trust? So I get in, and she drives off... and I wake up.

The end!

Now for a couple of funny dreams this week:

About 5 AM yesterday morning (this wasn't a dream, I was awake for this):
Me: Geoff, wake up, what time do we have to leave?
Geoff: Leave for what?
Me: To go to the mountain!
Geoff: Why are we going to the mountain?
Me: To run Hood to Coast!
Geoff: We already ran Hood to Coast.
Me: No we didn’t!
Geoff: Yes, we did.
Me: Are you sure?
Geoff: Yes. It’s Thursday, September 3rd.
Me: Are you sure?
Geoff: Yes.
Me: Okay, good.

Middle of last night (this was a dream):
Me: Geoff, wake up!
Geoff: What, why?
Me: Jax is out of his crate! How did he get out? Oh no! The crate door is still closed! JAX IS MAGIC!!!!!

When our alarms were going off this morning:
We hit snooze a couple of times each on our alarms, and we listen to different radio stations, so our room is interesting in the morning (why two people who get up at the same time have two seperate alarms I will never know) - it goes off with Christian music one minute, then 3 minutes later death metal (or whatever it is Geoff listens to), then 4 minutes later Christian music, then 3 minutes later death metal, etc. This goes on an obnoxiously long time, and yet neither of us care!

Right before the first alarm this morning, I had a dream that both Geoff and I lost our jobs. Then when the alarms went off, I thought "oh no!! we lost our jobs! we have to find new ones!" and then I'd fall back asleep. Then the alarm would go off and I'd think "oh no!! we lost our jobs! we have to find new ones!" and then fall back asleep... and so on. That was interesting.


mkm said...

hahaha! i love crazy dreams. i had one last night that scott and i were on a roadtrip, stopped at a gas station and found out that loren darling was working there as an mc. yes, an mc at a highway gas station - they had all of these events like three-legged races and stuff that he would have people enter and then give them prizes. i think that happened sometime between 6:05 when i turned off my alarm and 7:11 when i sat bolt upright in bed and realized that we'd waaaay overslept. whoops.

limingli said...

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