Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A fun night

Tonight Geoff is out, so the dogs and I went for a 2.5 mile walk, which is the farthest Roxy has ever gone – she did GREAT! The longest she has done before this is just one mile, so it was significantly more. It’s been kinda rainy the last couple of days so they’ve been cooped up, so I figured they could handle it. Another dog upset Jax at the beginning of our walk and he kind of grumbled the whole way through. Weird, and very unlike him. Maybe he was mad we were walking and not running – but Roxy can’t run, at least not very far. Anyway, she just trotted along and was quiet, and Jax was a puffer, but it was a lot of fun overall. I was happy to see Roxy have so much fun. Then we chatted with our neighbors for a bit – they LOVE our dogs… and then we came inside. I had to make a phone call so I gave them a bone – a real treat. They get a bone every night but always in their crate. The only other time they get a bone is like on a Saturday morning when we want to sleep in… we let them out to potty about 6 or 7, and then leave them out of their crate on the floor of our room with a bone. Anyway, so they still have their bones and they are just chompin away… well Roxy is. Jax is sleeping/resting. But they are quiet and happy. I cleaned the kitchen & downstairs bathroom, swept, and mopped, all while they just chilled. I can’t really clean upstairs without taking them upstairs, so I’ll just wait until Geoff gets home. But definitely my kind of night!

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