Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The oh-ten crisis

I can already see it coming... I hear it all the time and I even did it once myself. People are so used to saying oh-eight and oh-nine that they are starting to say oh-ten. But it's NOT oh-ten... at least not if you're being consistent. (by the way, I'm talking about years... 2008, 2009, 2010... maybe I should have started out mentioning that).

If you're currently saying double-oh-nine or oh-oh-nine, then oh-ten is consistent. But if you're currently saying oh-nine, then you should be saying just "ten". Or perhaps twenty-ten... two-thousand ten perhaps?

It's gonna become a problem, folks... mark my words, soon you'll start to hear it too!


Patrick said...

HAHA I was at an all day meeting today and people said "0-10" nonstop. it was annoying. also alot of people were saying 1/110 to when referring to january 2010. im not sure where that came from.

marisa said...

i totally heard a guy say oh-ten the other day, and it definitely caught me off guard. while i totally agree with you that it's not really correct, just saying "ten" wouldn't really make sense. i'd constantly be thinking, "ten what??" and twenty-ten is such a mouthful (and sounds super far in the distance, but maybe that's just me) ... i don't know, i just may be in support of oh-ten!