Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clarification and Fidgy

Per one of my comments, it may not have been clear in my previous blog that the unexpected visitors on Saturday were with a realtor... so that's how they got in the house, he just keyed his realtor code into the lockbox to get the key. Obviously a slightly confused realtor... but a realtor nonetheless.

I think I've mentioned before where I do this thing where I "fake die"... I don't know why, I certainly wasn't attention-starved as a child or anything. I don't know why I do it, and yes I recognize that it's stupid and could turn into a "boy who played wolf" situation, but anyway... that's not the matter of discussion here today. Just remember that I do fake die.

As we've kind of been looking at some houses / properties, Geoff and I have talked about how we would mow several acres if we had them. One suggestion was a goat, which I thought sounded pretty fun. One day Geoff said "how do you feel about a Tennessee Fainting Goat?" I asked what that was, and he told me that it was a goat that essentially faints when it gets scared. It uses that as a defense mechanism. I said, "YOU MEAN A FAKE DYING GOAT?!?!? OF COURSE I WANT ONE!!!!!!" :) Then I asked him how he knew about them, and he said it had been an episode of MythBusters. There is a hilarious YouTube video of them here... they really are the funniest looking things.

Then we were talking about naming the goat (I have no idea why) and I said FDG (Fake Dying Goat). Then I said Fidgy... and asked Geoff how he'd spell that, and he said Fidgy. So then I said it could stand for Fake Insecure Dying Goat, Yo. FIDGY!

And that is the story of why I want a Tennessee Fainting Goat! (although on Sunday it came up when we were at his parent's and we learned that sheep are easier to care for and as effective as goats at keeping grass down, so I may never see my Fidgy dream come true)


marisa said...

Ohh, that does make a lot more sense. I completely assumed they were with a realtor, but here, every lockbox has a unique code; I remember our realtor having to open up his binder with our houses each time we went to one, trying to find the code - and then inevitably at at least one house, they'd have given him the wrong code, and there'd be drama because it was a Saturday with no one in the office. That's neat, though, that they just have one code to type into any box and it works!! You're so high tech out there.

And the fidgy goat sounds awesome!!

Christine R said...

I can definitely compete with a post about FIDGY! hahaha!