Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hood to Coast

I'm freaking out about the relay. Here's the link for those of you that want more information - http://www.hoodtocoast.com/dev/ - it's the largest relay race in North America! But, the reason I'm freaking out is because I'm a SLOW runner, and we only have 32 hours to finish the entire course. Assuming we average 10 minute miles, we don't finish in 32 hours! Assuming we average 9:30 minute miles, we finish in just over 31 hours. I RUN 11 MINUTE MILES. There better be some people on our team running 8 minute miles or better to compensate for me. YIKES. It will be a MAJOR bummer if we don't finish on time... you don't even get a finisher's medal if you don't complete the course by 9:00 PM Saturday night, and MONTHS of training has gone into this race, for 12 people.

Okay I'll try to calm down now... sorry, and thanks for letting me vent.

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