Saturday, March 12, 2005

Drama, drama, drama!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Sunday! What nonsense. But it's been a BAD WEEK. Definitely some very highs and very lows, which to mean equals a bad week overall.

Monday during the day I went tanning, took a nap, relaxed, etc. I had planned on a hardcore run on Monday but Vin convinced me to let him make dinnner for me, so I finally agreed. He made Italian (of course), some sausage and pepper dish with the sauasge that I bought for him when I was in Seattle on Valentine's Day. It was a great night, we did lots of talking and it was absolutely wonderful. We chatted a lot about Amanda and how he liked her, etc. She called me to go into the hot tub with her while I was there, but I couldn't since I was at Vin's, so she invited me to watch Sex and the City with her and Polly the next night.

Tuesday I met Andy for lunch at Macaroni Grill! Yum!! I love that place and it was GREAT to be able to talk to him and discuss everything under the sun, including group dynamics and lots of girl stuff. It has been determined that I am the group information sink, and that I have all of the power because I have all of the information. I'm all about that! :-) Tuesday I also went tanning and running and stopped into REI to chat it up with my REI boy but he wasn't working. Boo, especially after I worked up my nerve!! Tuesday night Vin got done with work at 5 and we went over to Northeast to look at a hot tub he was interested in. On the way out there we saw Mt. St. Helens blow up a bunch of steam/ash... sweet! It was so cool looking. We had just come out of the tunnel and I'm like "there's our mountain! (referring to Hood)... and there's our other mountain (Adams)... and there's our other mountain (St. Helens)... woah, that mountain is smokin'!" Very amusing. The hot tub didn't cut it, so then we came back home. Amanda and I had arranged to go to dinner at Chili's before SATC, so she stopped by my apartment at 7:30. I was hoping to kind of feel her out for Vin a little bit, see what she thought. But it turns out, she'd invited Polly along, which was cool because I like Polly a lot. So we were chatting, blah blah blah, and Amanda and I both had a margarita... then she says "I think I have a crush on Vinnie". Oh man. I made a face, which was my first mistake. She was like "WHAT?!" and finally I told her that "he's interested". Well that brought up all sorts of questions, and we were talking and I was sort of answering them, but then sort of out of nowhere (in response to a question, but I probably could have answered it without this) I told her that we'd dated. She was like "yikes, I need to end this now, nothing's happened, this is fine". We talked a little more, it was weird, and then we just dropped it. Then we went to Krispy Kreme because Amanda and I wanted a donut, and then back to my house to watch SATC since I have it on DVD. Oh, and we stopped by her apartment on the way to grab some milke - it looks just like mine! Has my dining room table (exactly, only darker wood) and my couch (almost exactly), and just in general has a very similar feel! After we watched it I called Vin to just chat, then I realized I didn't know what to do about Amanda. So I got off the phone with him and went to call her, and her phone ran in my apartment! I was just getting ready to run her purse back over to her (don't know if I mentioned it, but she lives in my building) and she knocked on my door! Ha! :-) So she came in and we chatted... and she's SO good at reading people, so she got my very honest, very brutal reaction. We ended up actually getting really personal and emotional with each other, really hitting it off very well. She decided she didn't want to get involved with this, since I told her it might be weird for me and she didn't want to ruin our relationship or anything (way more complicated than this, I'm just giving you the very high level overview). So we decided to be honest with Vin, and I called him up and told him that I ruined his life. He wasn't happy. He talked me through the reasons I told her I'd be hurt, and I said I'd fix it. So I wrote her an email and asked him to come over so we could just talk about it. He came over at like 12:30 AM or something crazy... and was there until almost 2. But he was sweet and definitely made me feel better. So that was that.

Wednesday I decided to follow up my email by meeting Amanda for lunch and making sure she knew I was okay (sort of) with the whole thing. I mean, I am okay with it, especially on a logical level. I just don't know what it will be like. But she couldn't do lunch because she had a class, and Vin was waaaay stressed out at work and way mean. I'm not quite sure why he was nice the night before, but whatever. Anyway, so I finally went to bed (after like the WORST morning ever, and I know I use that phrase too readily, everything's worst or best with me, but this actually was a particularly bad morning). I did actually manage to leave the house to go tanning though, but couldn't bring myself to run. Ugh. So annoyed. So Amanda told me she'd meet me at work at 5, so I got up early for a Wednesday and came over here and talked to her for an hour. It took an hour to convince her that everything, including my own life, will be easier if she'll just give Vin the chance she would have before we met. So she finally agreed to. Thank goodness. It strikes me as very odd though, that a girl I barely know cares so much more about me than my alleged best friend does. Hmmmm??? Maybe it's just a function of he is REALLY REALLY into her. There's been a lot of conflict with me and Vin this week, he's been all over the place, saying he'd pick me over her, then putting ultamatiums on our friendship, then saying everything was okay... ugh. I dunno. I know, too much info for the blog. But then Amanda and I ran to Wendy's and got food, and I paged Vin and told him it was fixed.

Thursday I woke up at THREE to go to Vancouver and then Gresham to look at 2 hot tubs with Vin. Got them looked at and BARELY made it home by work at 7, but it's all good. Luckily we gave ourselves that extra time to do it. There was a lot of reflection and discussion of Amanda as well as my own relationship with Vin. Whatever, at least it's all out in the open now. Because of said hot tub trip (#2 of the week) I had to miss dinner... boo. So I was STARVING by the time lunch rolled around, yum. I also got a drunk dial from Vin about 12:30... SO FUNNY. I've never had such an amusing conversation from him... he kept saying "but why do you want to get off the phone with me". LOL. He didn't even remember it this morning.

Friday I got up at 4 to go running as usual... but I ran into Amanda on her way home from work and she persuaded me to go the pool instead (not that it was hard). So we sat around the pool and talked for about an hour and a half. SO FUN!!! I seriously love that girl, she is so great! We did NOT talk about her lunch date with Vin today, and that was ideal. I'm glad she didn't bring it up... I wanted to, but it was more important to me to just have some quality time with her WITHOUT freaking Vinnie involved. After the sun went behind the apartment we went in the hot tub for a few minutes... because WE actually have one, unlike Vin. So YAY for us. After that I went to Qdoba with Vin and got his take on the date... hopefully I'll get her take either tomorrow or Sunday. Tomorrow we're going to Brazil (AKA Brazillian BBQ in Seattle) and Sunday is hiking and girl's night at PCG!!!! I can't wait! :-) So lots of Amanda fun for the weekend. In some ways, I really do hope that they work out, because I adore them both so much. But she points out lots of reasons it will be weird, so we'll see. I could definitely see her as a roommate in the future, so my biggest hope is that that just might work out!! :-)

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