Thursday, December 06, 2007

Larry Update!

I called Larry back today... I did not mention this yesterday, but he works for Accessories4Less. I just called the only phone number they put on my packing slip (same number I called yesterday), pressed 5 again, and Larry answered on the second ring! "This is Larry!" (still no company identification, so odd!) But I told him that I received coax instead of component, so he asked for my order number, looked it up, and apologized and said he'd get the component sent out right away with a pre-paid return envelope for the coax. AWESOME. That kind of customer service, along with the speedy delivery and fantastic prices, will keep me coming back to Accessories4Less for all of my cable and other needs. :) I am also quite confident that if I had left a message for his voicemail yesterday that he would have returned my call as soon as he returned to his desk. And you can't beat Monster cables for $15 or less, especially when the same cable is $40+ at Best Buy. :)

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